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Anarchist International
• "Nothing is mutually exclusive. All options are on the table."

Boston Occupier, The
• "...a volunteer-run, independent newspaper and website located in Boston, Massachusetts. We report on the efforts of grassroots activists, politics, policy and local/national news pertaining to the issues raised by the Occupy movement."

Disaccords: An anarchist news blotter following events in Australia & Indonesia
• "By choosing to report an incident here, we make no claims as to the (political) motivations of any actors. We just want to amplify the news of incidents that shatter, however briefly, the myth of consensus and social peace, and show that various forms of resistance are possible - are present - here."

No More Sunsets
• "It really drives me nuts when ancaps talk about how effective self-regulation would be in an ancap society but then they constantly whine how expensive products are because of regulations. They're basically saying that in a future ancap society everyone will be suing the shit out of each other..."

Mutualist Alliance Blog
• "Let's tackle a controversial question: Is mutualism a form of 'market anarchism'? It's a useful sort of question, even though the correct answer is probably 'that depends....'"

Blasts from the Past

• "Mutualism: Theory for Free Absolutes. The Multiplication of Free Forces is the True Contr'un...."

• "This is a blog about computer stuff, poetry, activism, gender, and translation - not necessarily in relation to each other. Whatever I'm thinking about that's very thinky. It evolved from my original web site, 'Bookmania!'..."

• "There has been a proposal made by various people who are active within the anti-capitalist, anti-globalisation or alternative globalisation movements for a non sectarian anarchist international. This proposal has been discussed in various contexts and we include here a draft text for comment and discussion...."

• "...hosts a collection of text related to anarchism. We're a small group of volunteer archivists who are making our collection of self-published and small run publications available to anyone with access to the world wide web. We offer human readable and computer printable text for convenient download."

• "Just because I am grumpy does not mean that I am wrong...."

I Never Forget a Book

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