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• "http://letsstartapussyriot.wordpress.com/"

Let's Start a Pussy Riot!
• "Lets Start a Pussy Riot! is a celebration.A celebration of freedom of speech; of visibility; of not taking our own situations for granted. Lets Start a Pussy Riot! is a creative response."

Feminist Current: Making Waves
• "The show was called The F Word and aired from a tiny Gulf Island off the coast of B.C. Meghan took full advantage of the unmonitored freedom of pirate radio by drinking beer, reading passages from Andrea Dworkin, and playing Biggie Smalls. She returned to Vancouver, where she joined the coincidentally named F Word radio show..."

Vegan Feminist Pirate
• "Give Me Justice & Freedom...Or, I'll Just Take Them Myself"

• "...you'll find the best conversations led by women in social media. A curated selection of authentic voices. Life well said."

Blasts from the Past

• "Formerly a feminist on the Plains and still a feminist who resists pledging allegiance to just one brand of feminism. I'm just a plain feminist...."

• "We are an international group of revolutionary young women comprising of, but not limited to, a Sicilian, vegan PhD student from Bow E3 (the home of grime), and a pro-vegan, American child of immigrants, spoken word artist, teacher and femcee."

• "...founded in 2010 by two friends who share a passion for life and literature and find themselves looking at both through a similar feminist lens. Though their approaches are quite different, they believe that feminism should enable each and every woman to have the strength to construct identity for herself..."

• "Scrapbook of a barbarian generation feminist and wannabe bulletproof tiger...."

• "...we inform you about upcoming events and interview local women who are doing amazing things. We also bring you women's stories and news from around the globe..."

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